All-in-one unified web platform for your company and online business
Bid GoodBye to poorly-designed websites and maintenance headaches. Spectrum is a managed web platform that supports your company & online business to get the maximum from internet.
Managed Domain Name & Email addresses

Domain Names are more than Focused care is made to keep the name safe and healthy. Professional Email addresses ( are continuously evolving and so are we. Spectrum's Email solution is designed to meet your business needs.

Pragmatic Website Design

Getting a website to work for your business is an artistic process with intelligence. PurpleFly's pragmatic design approach makes the website business-friendly!


You can update both text and images of any size and quality in your website. A website's life is refreshed with new texts and images to stay new. Now, using PurpleShade, you get this ability to do with ease.


SilverShop can support wide range of products. If you are an Outlier creating new products or a merchant selling great products, we got you covered. SilverShop provides real-time support to changes in your online store. Give your customers an awesome shopping experience with ease in payment!


Customer interaction is critical and is very important for your business to succeed. BlueWhale fills this gap and presents a simple and intelligent tool to interact with your customers. This tool is socially-enabled. Yes, you can work seamlessly with Social Media and build your brand.


Getting things simple is not so simple. Get intelligent insights into your online business using Pivot. Easy data representations and interpretations enable you to take decisions on the go.

Chakra Support

Technology has transformed the way business is created and managed. When you avail a plan from PurpleFly, you can feel safe as Chakra Support is available for your assistance.